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Khaliha Mashawy Restaurant for Bedouin and Mandi food .

An authentic Arabic Idyllic atmosphere characterized by privacy in air-conditioned Bedouin tents ,With the enjoyment of the most delicious dishes from mandi meat and chicken, which are cooked in an oven that was specially built on with the Yemeni method by the most skilled Yemeni chefs with basmati rice and sauce with a mixture of let it have special grills in addition to grills, tajines, mahashi and steak.


welcome to Khaliha Mashawy

Zagazig city :

Al-Qawmiyyah – Al-Ghasham st. Al-Madinah elMnwara Tower




10th of Ramadan City:

mogawra 18 in front of the 2nd entrance of megawra 26




10th of ramadan Branch 01068058870 01110606788 0554494299

Zagazig Branch 01061005627 01100691193 0552311777

10th of Ramadan mogawra 18

Zagazig City, Elghasham st. Almadina almonawara tower

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